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Language Programs
The Women’s Summer English Language program, under the direction of Alicia Myhrer, was held in June 2003. Sixteen women participated, with 36 children and 28 volunteers. The women and children met each Tuesday and Thursday in June from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Language classes were held on Tuesdays, while Thursdays were spent at various site locations, including visits to the library and the State House. The program provided the mothers an opportunity to learn and practice their English.

This fall, we are sponsoring 4 programs:

  • Mother’s and Children’s Program
  • Men’s Evening Program
  • Computer Training
  • Spanish Program for English Speakers

Please contact Alicia Myhrer for additional information on these programs.

Bibliotecas para las Familias
In September 2002, Reading is Power began a new program called “Bibliotecas para las Familias” (Libraries for Families). This program places small libraries of bilingual developmental, read aloud, and picture books for pre-school children in the homes of Hispanic families in need. The primary goal of the project is to improve the school readiness scores of Hispanic children ages 0-5, while instilling in them a love for reading and books.

Bilingual books were chosen so that non-English speaking Hispanic parents and their English speaking school age children are both able to read aloud to the preschool children in the home. This serves to improve their language skills while strengthening the emotional bonds between the family members.

We have worked closely with the ESL coordinator at the local school district to identify families for the program. Libraries containing 20 books are complete and currently being used by 6 families who are participating in a pilot program. Over 100 small libraries have been delivered through this program since inception.

Asociación Save the Children Honduras
We are happy to report that through our relationship with the Special Missions Foundation of Georgetown, TX, we were able to identify a new Honduran partner, Asociación Save the Children Honduras (ASCH).

In partnership with ASCH, we are changing the way we do things based on what we have learned. We will provide much smaller libraries (approximately 200 books) that can be grown over time to create large libraries. Using this approach and the same financial resources, we will provide small libraries to six communities with the same effort that we previously delivered a single library. This will allow us to get books in the hands of more children sooner.

ASCH has identified 75 communities needing libraries. They have prioritized the list and identified the six communities that will receive the first libraries. These communities are: Villa Francis, Chiligatoro, Pinares, Quebrada de Lajas, Cruz Alta, and Pueblo Viejo Centro.

5th grade students at Rosewood Elementary School performed all the work to deliver the first six libraries as their yearly Community Service Project. These libraries were delivered to the communities on May 17th, 2003. Over 150 libraries have been delivered through this program since its inception.

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